Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today I realized something;
I realized I've been asleep.
I've been living this life,
From day to day,
As if life were just a dream.
Bearing no burdens,
Bearing no shame,
Dreaming each hour and minute away!
This dream is constant.
Never ending.
This is the truth,
I'm not pretending.
I will wake up,
I'll shake this off,
Begin living my life,
And get off the floor.
I'll open my eyes,
And start getting dressed,
Watch my first sunrise
Again and again.
I'll open my eyes
And unlock the door.
I'll live out my life
As I should have before.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Awesomeness! Even I wonder if I can separate mundane reality with ecstatic dreams.
Whatever it is, it's love. =]

Andrea Dawn said...

thanks so much :):):)