Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Distant Reflections

So far away
A sense of longing
I'm overwhelmed
I miss you

Thoughts are racing
There's no sound
Just the music in my ears
The air is dry
No one around
My face wet with tears

I love you
More than I thought I did
Your eyes reflect my thoughts
They beg me to come closer

I'm scared
And I don't know why
I guess I'm afraid to jump
To take the plunge
To trust you

How do you know it'll be fine?
How do you know it'll be okay?
You love me
I guess that's enough
Enough for me to believe
You're here to stay :)

I guess I question what's imminent
I suppose I doubt
I know I shouldn't
[together we're never apart]

Hold me

Remind me
Of what it is I'm trying to say
I love you
And need you
Never leave, it's here I'll stay

I won't question what's imminent
I'll never doubt
It's you I want
Together we're never apart


aimee johanna [chase dreams in stilettos] said...

like a song lyric?

Andrea Dawn said...

yeah sort of...
haha thanks :)
i was kind of just writing whatever came to mind. not exactly skilled but i had fun writing it!