Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Dream

Paper and pencils

Long walks and utensils

Black hearts and red roses

It stops, then it poses

My shoes are unmatching

My soul it is catching

The city lights shine brightly

I cling to your arm tightly

Together, yet alone

I am with you on my own

I hate this emptiness

Want to let go of selfishness

I love you please don’t change

Want to be with you every day

Despite my imperfections

You chose me by selection

Put together broken pieces

With glue and love, no recess

Lachrymose and shaking

Is my heart yours for the breaking?

You take me and you hold me

And reassure you love me

You look into my eyes and swear

You’ll always stay and always care

You take me then and kiss me

And say that you will miss me

I wake up then and realize

This was a dream no compromise

Tears flowing down, my pillow’s wet

This was a dream I won’t forget

I know my dream will always be

A dream for all eternity

So I’ll go back to sleep and pray

My dream will come, and I, in it, stay

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