Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shattered Soul

As time goes on, my soul is ignored

Like the door to the room that’s gone unexplored.

Like an empty house that people abandoned,

Dusty and dirty, my soul, I imagine.

The windows that I used to look in to see,

The soul that was once so reflective of me,

Are shattered and broken, too hard to repair!

Now remembering, I drop to my knees in despair.

The soul I once thought to be my dearest friend,

I’ve left with that old house that no one will mend.

Cobwebs and spiders, my soul’s roommates are.

Alone and unwanted, what’s left? Just a scar;

A wound in my heart that will never cure!

Consequences of which, I’ll have to endure.


aimee johanna [chase dreams in stilettos] said...

"my soul's roommates are.."

beautiful xx

Andrea Dawn said...

thanks so much!!
glad you like it...
the meter/flow to the poem was out of whack but it's mine none-the-less thanks again :)